Become a Volunteer

Help with lessons and horse care: Volunteering to work with horses and the disabled is a great way to give back to your community and experience the joy of working with animals while helping others. No previous experience with horses is necessary, we’ll train you for free. Volunteers must be at least 14 years of age. Link to Forms: Volunteer Forms and Information Link to our Volunteer-Flyer (one page PDF, post it to advertise our volunteer program)

Volunteer Policies

IMPORTANT: Please note the following and that additional policies, rules, and regulations apply to volunteers at Stockhands. Volunteering means you accept these rules and agree to comply with them.

  • Community Services Hours: Community Service Hours only apply to volunteers who are approved and participate in designated lesson activities. Volunteer training and other activities do NOT qualify for Community Service Credit. Additionally, only volunteers who have completed volunteer orientation and training may qualify. Please do not assume you qualify for this, ask us and we’ll be happy to help you understand the requirements.

  • Volunteer Policies: Various policies and rules apply to all volunteers. To qualify and remain qualified as a volunteer at Stockhands you must accept and abide by all such requirements. These include, but are not limited to, rules and policies defined in the Volunteer Handbook and other documents as well as the verbal directives from the Stockhand’s staff, principals, and designated supervisors.

Volunteer Training

Individuals who are interested in volunteering at Stockhands must attend a Volunteer Orientation Session. After attending orientation, we will work with you to determine a schedule and help you learn more about how to help. New Volunteer Orientation: Orientation is one hour and during which you will tour the facility and learn about volunteer opportunities. After attending orientation, you will be able to sign up for a 2-hour basic volunteer training session to learn about grooming, tacking, side-walking, and leading as well as barn duties and horse safety.

  • Contact us, or come back to this page for future Orientation Session dates and times

  • Next New volunteer training sessions scheduled: Offered the second Saturday of every month. Note, these sessions are on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please contact us for special instructions on becoming a volunteer.

  • Directions and Map Link

Steps to Getting Started Volunteering

  1. Call us at (614) 318-5781 or send us an e-mail at volunteers@stockhands.org and let us know you are interested in helping us and to set up a visit to the stables to see us in action.

  2. Download the required forms (below) and bring them with you when you visit: Volunteer forms and information are in PDF format and can be downloaded and printed at your convenience.

  3. Attend a volunteer orientation session (contact us for session schedule).

Volunteer Information Form (required)

Release and Hold Harmless Form (required)

Types of Volunteers Needed

  • Barn Assistant – duties will include acting as a stable hand (stall cleaning, haying, watering, other duties) and Groomers (grooming and tacking the horse for lessons)

  • Side Walker – duties will include assisting riders who are not able to maintain a secure/safe position on the horse. Side walkers may provide riders with stability, sensory input, position assistance, etc.

  • Leader – the horse leader must understand equine behavior and become the alpha in the herd by setting boundaries from the moment they take control of the horse. Additional responsibilities are detailed in the forms to be downloaded.

  • Other Roles – There are other things with which volunteers can help. Ask us about how you can help or download the Volunteer Role Descriptions document.

Volunteers must be able to commit to a regular schedule for a fixed period of time. This is usually one to two hours for an 8-week lesson program (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter). See the lesson schedule for dates. If you can’t commit to one of the group programs, we will gladly work with what time you have to offer to help us with private lessons or barn duties.