How to Become a Volunteer

Love horses? Love kids? Looking for a way to give back and make a difference? Volunteer with us!

Volunteer Duties

  • Side walking with a student in lessons

  • Leading a horse in lessons

  • Grooming / Tacking the horses

  • Cleaning stalls

  • Sweeping floors

  • Throwing hay

  • Filling/cleaning water buckets

  • De-cobwebbing stalls and other surfaces

  • Cleaning the bathroom, the kitchen, the front room

Volunteer Policies

IMPORTANT: Please note the following and that additional policies, rules, and regulations apply to volunteers at Stockhands. Volunteering means you accept these rules and agree to comply with them.

Background Checks are Required: The Delaware County of Developmental Disabilities has mandated that we conduct background checks for all our employees and volunteers. Delaware County Board of Developmental Disabilities, 7991 Columbus Pike, Lewis Center, OH 43035, 740.201.5866 | www.dcbdd.org

Delaware County Board of Developmental Disabilities offers Background Checks by appointment during our regular business hours.

  • Community Services Hours: Community Service Hours only apply to volunteers who are approved and participate in designated lesson activities. Volunteer training and other activities do NOT qualify for Community Service Credit. Additionally, only volunteers who have completed volunteer training may qualify. Please do not assume you qualify for this, ask us and we’ll be happy to help you understand the requirements.

  • Volunteer Policies: Various policies and rules apply to all volunteers. To qualify and remain qualified as a volunteer at Stockhands you must accept and abide by all such requirements. These include, but are not limited to, rules and policies defined in the Volunteer Handbook and other documents as well as the verbal directives from the Stockhand’s staff, principals, and designated supervisors.

Volunteer Training

No experience? No problem! New Volunteer Training is on the second Saturday of each month, from 10am to Noon. We will train you in our procedures and guidelines for grooming, tacking, leading, side walking and other volunteer activities.

Steps to Getting Started Volunteering

Check out our Facebook events page to RSVP for New Volunteer Training.

OR email volunteers@stockhands.org

Complete the paperwork ahead of time (no worries, we'll have some available the day of training)

V.I.P. - Volunteer Instructional Program

After a period of approximately 6 months as a dedicated, committed volunteer, you can be invited to join our VIP group. This group meets on the first or third Saturday each month for additional training and instruction. Sessions may include:

  • Join Up

  • Farrier training

  • Driving training

  • Horse / Herd monitoring and review

  • Visiting other facilities and programs

  • Going to Quarter Horse Congress / Equine Affair and other various shows

We want to invest in our volunteers, we want you to love Stockhands as much as we do. So if you give us the commitment, we will commit to helping you learn as much as possible about our horses, our lessons programs and how we can better interact with our students and equine partners.

Our Volunteers are pretty special. Below you'll find the stories of a few of our outstanding volunteers in fabulous videos made by another one of our amazing volunteers, Mike DeVenny (https://www.facebook.com/devennyproductions/).

Parent and Volunteer

Check out Melissa's story!

Stockhands wouldn't be Stockhands without Greg.

Listen to his story!

Joyce is our 2021 Volunteer of the Year! She is an amazing lady, watch her story!