Lesson Program

Our participant lesson program is the core of what we do. We have lessons Sunday through Thursday and average approximately 100 lessons per week. Our participants range in age from 4 years old to our more senior participants in their 70's. There is no age limit to loving a horse and the peace and security a horse can give you.

Our instructors work hard each week to prepare challenging and fun lessons for our students. Lesson content will vary based upon the skill and ability of each participant, lessons can include riding, grooming, horsemanship, driving, and a variety of activities and games both on and off the horse.

Want to learn about our lesson program and how it can help? Listen to the amazing story of the Tanzillo Family!

Get the perspective of a parent, a student and a volunteer! Melissa has been bring her daughter Kenzie since 2016, Melissa saw the changes in Kenzie and became a volunteer herself!