Our Volunteers

Greg Wilcox - Volunteer of the Year 2017

Greg has been volunteering at the barn since 2016 and has received recognition as Volunteer of the Year (2017) for his invaluable contributions to the daily operations and instructional programs at Stockhands Horses for Healing. He is part of a dedicated group that generously give over 500 hours of service annually. He is an active member of Stockhands Military Veteran program and is a mentor for new members.

Greg has dedicated countless hours in the creation and maintenance of our outdoor trails. Providing new and challenging experiences for our participants. In addition to his twice a week regular volunteer days, you'll often find Greg working hard clearing and keep the trails ready for our riders or creating new, challenging obstacles.

Volunteers like Greg serve as aides to our riding instructors, help with barn chores and horse care, work to improve and maintain woodland trails on the property, and participate in off-site community outreach activities.

Angela Writesel - Volunteer of the Year 2018

Angie has been volunteering at the barn since 2016 and was named volunteer of the year in 2018. Angie loves helping in the daily lessons, interacting with our participants and our equine partners. Whether leading, sidewalking, helping with check-in or just being in the back, cleaning out stalls, being at the barn makes the day a great one.

Part of the original "E-Club" now known as VIP (Volunteer Instructional Program), Angie had the opportunity to learn and grow in her horsemanship skills. Spending her time with other amazing volunteers as they learn proper techniques for leading, grooming, tacking, riding and even some basic farrier skills has provided countless hours of enjoyment, bonding and formed lifelong friendships.

Over the years Angie has taken on the additional responsibilities of handling all fundraising activities, creating advertising and promotional materials as well as updating the website and other social media platforms.

Gerald "Jerry" Willet - Volunteer of the Year 2019

Jerry has been an invaluable asset to Stockhands for several years now and the unanimous choice for Volunteer of the year 2019. Volunteering from 8am to 7pm, sometimes (many times) 7 days a week! Jerry helps with our lesson program, Jerry helps with our Veterans and First Responder programs, Jerry helps with the driving program. There is literally no aspect of Stockhands that Jerry isn't a part of. He is an amazing friend, supporter and part of our family. If you'll notice in one of the pictures, the little red wagon is named the Willet Wagon for Jerry and his outstanding commitment to the driving program. Jerry is such a wonderful person and we are so lucky to have him as a volunteer and part of our barn family.

Michelle Lowe - Volunteer of the Year 2020

A dedicated volunteer, a PATH Instructor in Training, and the brains and beauty behind Read With The Horses, it's no wonder that Michelle Lowe is our Volunteer of the Year! Michelle has been a passionate and dedicated volunteer since she started; an elementary educator, a wife, a mom, she is the whole package and more! From teaching, to riding, to driving, to yoga, to Read With The Horses, to supplying our student for New Volunteer Training, there is no part of Stockhands that Michelle is not involved in! Her support and dedication is heartwarming and so appreciated. We would be lost without Michelle and her passion for Stockhands.

Joyce Gleich - Volunteer of the Year 2021

Joyce began her Stockhands experience through Yoga! Joining us for a Yoga with the Horses event, Joyce fell in love with us and we fell in love with her! Joyce volunteers throughout the week and is one of the trainers for new volunteer training. You will see her helping clean stalls, helping our students in lessons and greeting guests as they come in for events. Part of our VIP (Volunteer Instructional Program) Group, Joyce is always helping to lead and teach others. One of the first to volunteer to help out for any event and one of the nicest people, we can't imagine Stockhands without Joyce!

We can't do what we do without our amazing volunteers, we are so thankful for everyone who chooses to give their time.