Our Mission

Stockhands Horses for Healing Mission:

  • To offer effective and creative equine-assisted therapy to veterans, adults and children with developmental, emotional, mental, social and physical disabilities
  • To provide a positive, non-judgmental environment for riders and their familiesTo encourage the development of human-animal relationships
  • To use our riding activities in support of the goals from other therapies and schools

The Equine Experience

Riding a horse can help riders to find confidence, peace, control, a mental and emotional calm, energy; understanding, purpose, pride, and all the things that can be forgotten when dealing with a mental, physical, or emotional disability.

This experience of rediscovery is happening throughout the country in many therapeutic riding programs. Its successfulness is evident in those who are part of or have completed therapeutic riding programs. Because horseback riding is physically; mentally and emotionally taxing, it presents as the perfect opportunity and venue for therapy.

The energy and connection between horse and rider is intense and unable to be recreated; it is infectious due to the horses’ loyalty, strength, lack of judgment, and caring.